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Nature abounds and gives us this magnificent creature the horse. We are drawn to their strength, vulnerability and unconditional love. How can we capture this presence and all that nature has provided to give every foal born the opportunity to experience their greatness? First we need to understand their individual uniqueness and then how we can nurture this. Can we improve on mother nature? We know the best option is to work with her.

Leigh Wills

We want to give every horse the opportunity to be a champion. They are born with their own characteristics that we  nurture through our environment, staff and daily interactions. We are privileged to be part of creating this foundation for people and horses to build their exemplary career from.
We are globally recognised for our innovative work training young thoroughbred foals. Our work is based on methods used in the field, Monty Roberts’ principles and Equitation Science theory.

We have presented at public demonstrations in four countries and numerous thoroughbred studs throughout the world. Since 2003 we have completed over 16,000 foal training sessions without injury. Our foal graduates have become million dollar yearlings in the sales ring and multiple winners of group one races. The three parts to our business are foal education, staff training at studs and research.

Foal Education

We pride ourselves on giving your future champion the best start in life. This initial education is the foundation for all their interactions with people throughout their racing career. Our services are available at studs in the Waikato, Central Districts or on-site at your property in New Zealand.

Staff Sessions

Your staff’s ability, knowledge and hands on experience are the key to your continued success. We design programs that help you invest in your staff to work with your horses. We focus on your horse’s mental state of being, maximising your training time and minimising stress and injury.


We understand hiring a professional to work with your staff and horses takes a lot of trust. This is something we take very seriously. We are continually learning, testing and presenting our work through our research. Collaboration with our clients drives us to continually up skill our work so can offer your stud and foal’s the very best.

Our Ladies

Are all very special and without their amazing work we could not do what we do. They all hold Monty Roberts and tertiary qualifications and have extensive experience with thoroughbreds before being invited to work with us. They all come with their own area of expertise that add to the depth and wealth of knowledge we offer you.

Leigh Wills
Kirsty Jenkins
Sally King
Kelly Brider
Caroline Jennings